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About the TFI Test

The TFI test is used by language learners of all levels, regardless of background, as a fair and objective measure of French proficiency.

The test examines Listening and Reading comprehension skills and uses common everyday vocabulary, phrases and key expressions that reflect real-world tasks. Test takers do not need to have special knowledge beyond that of a person who uses written and oral French in everyday activities.

Who Uses the TFI Test and Why?

Institutions use the TFI test for:

  • placing incoming and continuing students in appropriate class levels
  • evaluating student proficiency by repeated testing
  • selecting individuals for training to be conducted in French
  • measuring individual progress and proficiency level following French-language training

How Does ETS Protect the Integrity of the TFI Test?

ETS uses standardized and secured testing procedures to ensure that:

  • test takers have the same testing experience no matter the place and time
  • no test taker is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged
  • test scores remain fair and comparable across administrations

How Do You Register for the TFI Test?

Learn more about registering for a TFI testing session in Canada and other countries.