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TFI Registration

TFI test sessions are held in various locations around the world and throughout the year. Institutions and individuals interested in taking the TFI test can register for these test sessions. Additionally, institutions can choose to send students or employees.

Outside of Canada

To register for a TFI test session outside of Canada, please visit the ETS Preferred Network directory (EPN).

In Canada

To register for a TFI test session in Canada, please follow these instructions:

  1. Connect to ETS's Registration Platform at
  2. Under "Select a Country," select "Canada."
  3. Under "Select a Test Type," select "TFI Test."
  4. Search a Test Session by Test Center or by Date.
  5. Follow the steps on the screen until your registration is completed.

See Test Dates and Times for test sessions and find a Test Center near you.

Test Sessions Organized by an Institution

Test Takers

Test sessions may be offered by a local institution. To register for a test session organized by your institution, contact a supervisor or instructor at your institution.


In some locations, institutions can arrange to administer the TFI test on their premises. The sessions are supervised by the institution's own staff and/or staff provided by the local EPN member. The local EPN member is responsible for providing supervisory training for authorized testing personnel and also for scoring the test.