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ETS Internship, Fellowship and Visiting Scholar Programs in Research

The ETS Research & Development (R&D) division is pleased to announce that we're now accepting applications for the 2022 Internship and Fellowship Programs in R&D. These programs seek applicants who wish to collaborate with ETS team members to carry out innovative and impactful R&D projects aligned with ETS's mission.

ETS values candidates with diverse experiences and encourages all who are eligible to apply. We’re especially interested in applications from students from underrepresented groups and backgrounds. Applicants should have an expertise and interest in at least one of the following areas:

  • Assessment, Measurement and Psychometrics: assessment design, validity, fairness and psychometric modeling
  • Education: higher education, undergraduate and graduate admissions, teacher education; language learning, teaching and assessment; K–12 learning, teaching and assessment
  • Educational Technology: research engineering or back, front and full stack software development
  • Learning Science and Design: the science of how individuals learn most effectively and impactful instructional design
  • Natural Language Processing: speech recognition and computational linguistics
  • Program Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): tracking and assessing implementation and performance of projects and programs
  • Psychology: cognitive psychology, educational psychology and industrial-organizational psychology
  • Qualitative Research Methods: instrument and data collection (e.g., interview, focus group, observations) and qualitative data analysis
  • Statistics and Data Science: machine learning, causal inference, computational statistics and hierarchical modeling
  • User Experience: user experience research and/or design
  • Workforce: upskilling and reskilling, career to workforce transition, skills training and skills-based hiring

ETS R&D also welcomes applications from scholars around the world who wish to conduct independent research in a field of interest to ETS and to connect with ETS's community of researchers.

Summer Internship Opportunities Offered for 2022

This year we're offering summer internship opportunities sponsored by two areas within ETS R&D: the Research and Measurement Sciences (RMS) group and the ETS® AI Labs. Note: The programs are based out of the ETS offices in Princeton, New Jersey but you will have the option of a remote or on-campus internship experience.

The following two eight-week programs will broaden your applied experience by executing impactful projects in collaboration with experienced and supportive mentors. You’ll help ETS apply the best of learning and cognitive foundational science to the development of technology enhanced digital solutions that improve access, equity and effectiveness in education and the workforce. Upon the completion of the program, you’ll have the opportunity to present your findings to teams across R&D.

The Summer Research and Measurement Sciences (RMS) Internship Program for Graduate Students (On-campus or Remote)

Conduct rigorous foundational and applied research on the most critical issues facing education and the workforce. Graduate students who are currently enrolled in full-time doctoral programs in the areas listed above and who have completed a minimum of two years of coursework toward their doctorate prior to the program start date are eligible to apply.

RMS Internship Program

The ETS® AI Labs Summer Internship Program (On-campus or Remote)

Conduct user-inspired research and development leading to the production of technology-enhanced learning solutions. Students who have completed a bachelor's degree and are either enrolled or expect to enroll in a graduate program in the next year are eligible to apply.

AI Labs Internship Program

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) Internship Program (On-campus or Remote)

Join us in our mission-driven efforts and work on the largest nationally representative and continuing assessment of what America's students know and can do in various subject areas. This program offers two internships:

  1. the summer undergraduate research experience (SURE)
  2. the summer predoctoral research experience (SPRE)

These internships provide undergraduate and graduate students from historically underrepresented backgrounds with an opportunity to work on a business-driven research project in one of the key areas within the NAEP program:

  • Psychometrics and Data Analysis
  • Assessment Design and Development
  • Survey Instrument Design

Successful applicants will work either virtually or in person for an eight-week period on an assignment and will be paired with an ETS-R&D NAEP staff mentor. In addition to the NAEP business research assignment, you will also engage in learning and professional development experiences related to the field of research and development.

NAEP Internship Program

The Institute for Student Achievement (ISA) Summer Internship in Program Monitoring and Evaluation (Remote)

Conduct program monitoring and evaluation (M&E) activities for ISA's equity and school improvement lines of service. Successful applicants will work virtually for an eight-week period with ISA’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Research team. Students who have earned a bachelor's degree and are enrolled in a graduate program in education, public policy, non-profit management or related fields are eligible to apply.

ISA Internship Program

The Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Research Fellowship Program (On-campus or Remote)

This program seeks graduate students who have completed their doctoral coursework and are at the dissertation stage of their program, working on a dissertation related to statistics, psychometrics, educational/psychological measurement or quantitative methods. Selected Fellows study at their universities during the academic year and conduct a research project under the supervision of an academic mentor and in consultation with an ETS researcher or psychometrician. Selected Fellows are also required to participate in the ETS Summer RMS Internship Program.

Harold Gulliksen Psychometric Research Fellowship Program

The Visiting Research Scholar Program (On-campus)

Conduct independent research in a field of interest to ETS and connect with ETS's community of researchers.

This program is designed to provide educational and research experience of up to 12 months in length for academicians and researchers on sabbatical or other types of leave from their home institutions. It seeks to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship between the visiting scholar and ETS researchers through intellectual exchange and collaboration in research.

Visiting Research Scholar Program