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Policy Evaluation and Research Center

The Policy Evaluation and Research Center (PERC) conducts and disseminates research on quality and equity in education. The focus of the research is frequently on expanding access, elevating achievement and increasing attainment. The scope of the research spans from Pre-K to graduate and first-professional education and the workplace. Our work informs the public about education policy, learning and assessment.

PERC works with a wide array of divisions within the education sector to overcome challenges, such as:

  • the growing education and employment gaps in the population
  • the need for innovative models of equity and quality in Pre-K–12 education
  • the need for sustainable funding models for student access, persistence and completion in higher education
  • the interrelation of physical and psychological health and education; outcomes from Pre-K to graduate and first professional education
  • educational opportunities and achievement for immigrants, migrants and refugees in the United States and around the world
  • the growing population of never enrolled, employed or trained (NEET) young adults in the United States and around the world
  • elevating and diversifying the Pre-K–12 teaching workforce
  • diversification of graduate and first professional education and workforce
  • advancing equity in educational testing
  • reducing population group performance differences in standardized testing

PERC's activities include:

  • conducting research that advances the knowledge of policies and practices in education
  • convening forums to discuss research and ways to improve education
  • informing the public about findings and recommendations

To learn more, view PERC Research Reports.

Contact Us

If you have questions, would like to work with us or would simply like to learn more about PERC, please email us.