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Research Centers

The Research Centers engage in impactful, foundational and applied research that promotes innovation and methodological advances, and contributes to fairness and equity in learning and assessment. This work furthers ETS's legacy of conducting research that grounds assessment and related products within a larger societal context. Although the Centers' work covers a wide variety of topics and contexts, their agenda is driven by four priorities:

  1. Teaching, learning and assessment that responds to the social and cultural factors for U.S. learners
  2. Innovations in global English-language teaching, learning and assessment
  3. Equity in global higher education admissions and student success and in workforce transition
  4. Innovations in testing and research methods to advance validity, fairness, equity and operational excellence

Teams in the six research centers work with each other and internal colleagues, and with organizations and researchers internationally. Their work advances the science of assessment and learning, contributes to quality and innovation in ETS products and services, and informs policy in education and workforce development.


K–12 Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Leading research in K–12 assessment, learning and teaching environments


Language Education and Assessment Research

Advancing the science of language teaching, learning and assessment


Education and Career Development

Promoting equity in postsecondary opportunities, including university studies and post-grad employment


Foundational Psychometric and Statistical Research

Leading research in statistics, psychometrics and assessment technology


Learning and Assessment Foundations and Innovations

Driving foundational research and innovations in learning and assessment

what is on the test

Validity, Fairness and Equity in Learning and Assessment

Ensuring that fair is fair for all in learning and assessment